Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Loans


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Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

  • Owner Must be at least 62 Years Old
  • Includes Spouse Protections even if spouse is younger
  • A Loan that Allows you to Access the Equity in Your House
  • Does Not Require Monthly Payments
  • Allows you to Get Monthly Payments to Help Pay for Bills
  • Obtain a Lump Sum Cash at Settlement
  • Obtain Monthly Payments for a set number of years
  • You can Get a Line of Credit
  • Some Combination of Lump Sum and Monthly Payments
  • The money used from a Reverse Mortgage is Not Taxable

Beneficios de un Mortgage Reversible

  • Dueño Debe tener al menos 62 años
  • Incluye Protecciones si su esposo/a es menor de 62
  • Es un Prestamo que le Permite Accesar la Plusvalia de su Casa
  • No Requiere Pagos Mensuales
  • Le Permite Obtener Pagos Mensuales para Ayudar a Pagar Cuentas
  • Obtenga una Suma Total al Cierre
  • Obtenga Pagos Mensuales por Cierto Numero de Años
  • Puede Obtener una Linea de Credito
  • Alguna Combinacion de Cantidad Total o Mensualidades
  • El Dinero Usado de un Prestamo Reversible No Es Taxable